March Madness

We got a 13 seed and a match up with 4 seed Arkansas
Notre Dame wins in the First Four just minutes into St. Patrick’s Day 🤔🤔🤔

Have to say that’s probably the best play-in game ever.
We play later tonight Go Cats Go
A LOT of people had Iowa going far in the tournament.

Gonzaga got all they wanted from 16 seed Georgia St. but turned on the jets in the late game (deceiving final score).
Still in it, but got to clean it up we've been too sloppy with the ball
That was awesome. #25 (the white dude with the mustache.....commentators compared him to Goose from Top Gun) looked like one hell of a good player. Go Pelicans, F*** John Calamari
doug edert.jpg
Leaving too many points out there with missed foul shots.
Those foul shots really bit us in the end losing by 4 can remember at least 3 possible 3 point plays and many other missed foul shots
Illinios escapes 13 seed Chattanooga, man they played a great game that was an upset that didn't happen.

All the 4 seeds survive the first round.
Very chalky yesterday. Now, UNC is clowning top-seeded Baylor. Hubert Davis has those guys playing well the past month.
I wonder what it would take for college kids to realize they’re not Damian Lillard when it comes to the end of games. Every CBB final possession in a tied or one-score game is the exact same.

When will I learn to stop picking Gonzaga they are the Buffalo Bills of the NCAA tournament
So it’s either going to be Duke/UNC for the first time ever in the tournament or the ultimate David v. Goliath matchup next weekend.
North Carolina is going crazy. Duke vs UNC in the semi-finals. the News and Record newspaper in Greensboro published today that Sunday's edition would be delivered late as they were going to hold the printing until after conclusion of the Duke - UNC game so they could publish the outcome.
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