Is anyone here going to the AMA races at Mid-Ohio this year? I'll be there. I've gone every year for about 10 years. Always have a good time...
First off, welcome to the forums. Sit down and have a cold one with us. I have never made it over to mid-ohio. I goto Road America every year and I am planning on going to Barber this year. Where do you normally sit? What riders have you met and who's your favorites? ok I will stop asking questions. :)
I usually just roam around the track... The esses are a good place to watch... Also near the Honda walk-over bridge, and near the final turn where the pits start. I just hope it doesn't rain again like it always does. It has rained everytime I went except once.

I have met SO MANY riders... Miguel Duhamel, Doug Chandler (me and my dad were invited into his camper), the Bostrom's, the Hayden's, Dale Quarterly, Scott Russell, Chris Carr, Mike Hale, Aaron Yates, Tom Kipp (one of the nicest), and a whole lot more. I'll edit this later with more... I had a ton typed out but then my computer froze :angry: , lol.
I have just met and talked to Nicky hayden, Tommy Hayden, and Anthony Gobert. Flat trackers Chris Carr and Rich King. All are awsome people in my book. You should see some awsome racing, especially if it rains. I would put money on E Boss anyday in the rain. By the way, I am going for E Boss all the way for the championship. Now I am a hard core Ducati fan, but there is something about the little engine that could with one of the Smoothest riders on top of it. Especially when its going up against gsxr1000's
Ducati fan? That's what I like to hear. I love Ducati's.

Some more riders I have met: Steve Crevier, Jamie James, Fred Merkel, Eric Moe, Larry Pegram, Pascal Picotte, Dave Sadowski, Thomas Stevens, Mat Mladin, Shawn Higbee, Rich Oliver, not a driver, but Larry Maier, Rich Alexander, Kurtis Roberts, Jamie Hacking, Steve Rapp, Chuck Sorensen, and probably a lot more. As long as you have a pass to get into the garages, you can meet everyone.

One thing that I hate is that I don't get the Speed Channel, so I never really know who to watch, or who will even be at the event until I get there.
Ducati's are so smooth, so beautiful, gotta love em.

Sounds like you have met em all. You have to have a pass for the garages? Road America you can just walk right up and watch em.

No Speed Channel, thats a bummer, because thats how you stay up with all this. I can't imagine life without it, hehe.
Yeah, you have to buy an extra pass thing to get into the garages... It doesn't cost much, though, so most people get one.

And I want Speed so bad, but I don't know if I'm able to get it with my cable.
Originally posted by cea2488@Jul 16 2003, 08:28 PM
And I want Speed so bad, but I don't know if I'm able to get it with my cable.
You can go to their website @ www.speedtv.com

On the top toolbar you will see "Do you get Speed?" With a box to enter your zip code. You can check availability there! Good luck! :D
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out later.

I'm a little angry right now, though. I might not be able to go this year, because they raised their prices and my parents don't want to pay (my mom, mainly). :angry: I hope she changes her mind... But I doubt it. I got my scanner yesterday, so I'll upload some of my old pictures and post them... Probably tomorrow.
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