MLB 2021

The archaic blackout restrictions are a real impediment to modern fandom, and should change. The number of people who are interested in streaming their local team's games, but would be compelled to attend in person if they can't do so is nearly nonexistent. Streaming vs. live attendance are two entirely different levels of interest. The teams are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

You’d think one of these sports would be smart for the cord cutters and have some games on local TV.
It's a byproduct of the state having like 5 different teams in the same sport.

I meant LA sports fans are kinda fair weather besides the Lakers. I hope the A’s stay in Oakland.
It's a byproduct of the state having like 5 different teams in the same sport.
Wouldn’t LA fans just wanna maybe cheer for LA teams tho? I mean if your city has a team… I don’t see why San Francisco or Oakland or any other city changes that if you’re an LA FAN.
Well I thought this series would be competitive. It hasn't.

It's been Red Sox all 3 games really.
The Dodgers are mentally broken after losing back to back in walk off fashion.
Dodgers fans are classless assholes.

What do you do when you're getting curb stomped? Go full racist

I find it humorous that the technology exists to render all of this subjectivity and error obsolete, but they'll just keep on letting the game be decided by it anyway.

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Get these 3 damn outs.

More mad the win didn’t come yesterday as we could be about to wrap this thing up. But getting a win in LA will be huge. LFG
Braves were up 3-1 on dodgers last year so it's not over yet. Pulling for Braves, I hate the dodgers!
Last night didn’t go great for the Braves. But it’s 1 game. Got 3 coming up at home and they play amazing at home. I feel good still.
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