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Discussion in 'Diecasts & Collectables' started by Brickyard_400, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Im curious if anyone has a good site to read learn more about dicast cars being new and starting to collect them.

    An example would be whats the differant in the Kasey Kahne Dodge Dealer car and hes refresh? I would like to see a pic of each to see the differance.
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    I bet the dealer car is very low production. They have mags. with price guides that come out each month. Check your local news stand. You may start there so you know what they are worth. I still get my best deals on Ebay.
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    The "refresh" is a remake of Kasey's car this year. When the car first came out, Action made less than 4000 diecast of them. After a few races, Kasey's paint scheme changed a little. The first few races, the rams head on the quaterpanel had lines coming of out it.....for lack of a better example, like "sunrays". Then, the lines came off. Fred Wagonalls, the greedy president of Action, saw another chance to make money and made the "Refresh" or basically the Dodge without the "lines".

    Hope that made sense. I couldn't find any pictures to show the difference.

    Here are a couple of sites I go to...they are pretty imformative. Diecast Warriors and Ben's Board
  4. Thanks Alot!! Yea ive been buying a few cars from Bens board. Im in the middle of buying Kasey Kahne Dodge Dealer car now.

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