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Just thought i'd start a topic about MotoGP cauz it seems no one else has. yeah well i think it's one the best forms of motorsport to watch. theres always heaps of action and theres many different nationalities involved.
Well Moto GP does bring a lot of excitement ot Speed. I watched the beginning of the Czech race the other day. Did bayliss end up winning that one?
The Moto GP race last weekend was awesome. Rossi wins again. Pretty amazing comeback and pass on the last lap!
Bayliss got third, what a rider he is. MotoGp is so great, the more you know the more you love it, just like f1. Rossi is pretty much ubove the rest without a question. He has more pressure this year than ever. Great things to come.
Look out for Nicky Hayden in a year or two! I wonder if his bike is as fast as Rossi's? or is his bike the testing bike or something! Does anyone know? Obviously Honda probably does more testing with Hayden I would think........Considering Rossi is in there for winning the Title!
Yeah Nicky Hayden is definetly a rider to watch out for in the future. I would say that his bike is more for testing new things at the moment. I watched him on T.V. in a few World Superbike races and he did quite well. Also Neil Hodgson should be joing motoGp next year as he dominated the championship this year now that Bayliss and edwards left so hopefully for him he gets a good ride and he'll be up there with the rest.
I was also thinking that Honda may be doing more testing on Haydens bike! Wonder how Hayden would do on Rossi's bike!
no no no, heh, you guys really think they are on different bikes when they are racing? Yeah when they are testing they are on different spec bikes. Think about it, your a team owner, plenty of testing time, plenty of money, Race you want your team equally best. Hadyen will come to. The things I have seen him do, espcially on dirt, it would suprise me if he is not world champ some day.
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