MotoGP for sale

Not welcome news, but not a surprise. Bridgepoint's ownership of Dorna was never thought to be a forever-and-ever thing.

MotoGP is not the biggest property in the motorsports universe - F1 and Nascar are bigger - but it probably is the best managed and the most healthy in terms of trajectory. Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta deserves most of the credit for weathering the storm post-2008 financial crisis and bringing MotoGP back stronger than ever. As long as he remains in charge, I think MotoGP will be OK regardless of which parent company controls the shares.

In general, I'd prefer ownership by a media company rather than a private equity/buy-out company, but Bridgepoint has been very supportive as was CVC before them. (CVC & F1 was a sorry saga of malaise and corruption, however.)
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