Multiple Same Race Threads



I was just wondering why we dont just have 1 large race thread instead of half a dozen or more started about the same race ?:confused:

I dont think we need a thread on the qualifications, another thread on who won, another thread on how we liked the race, another thread on bad moves during the race, and the list goes on.. Its mass confusion and clutters up the forums I think.

I think we just keep 1 race thread and discuss it all in there. Its still the same race. This is just my opinion. What does everyone else think ?
This is a very bad idea from several viewpoints.
1.) Do we really want our moderators to be thread police more than necessary? It just adds duties to the mods/admins and turns fun into a job.
2.) Everybody has a right to express their opinions (within reason) under separate and distinct threads, which makes it easier to follow for all. You're not interested, no problem, don't read it.
3.) Long and unwieldy threads slow load time. That's not as much of a problem as it use to be but still.... I'm impatient and don't like waiting. <g>
4.) If it ain't broke don't fix it. Always good advice to those trying to fix problems that don't exist. You have to careful when making improvements that you don't detract from why people come here in the first place. :)
5.) Strictly from experience as having been an administrator, moderator and user on various boards the ones I've stayed with the longest are the ones requiring the least moderation. Excessive moderation just flat out turns people off. The better threads will always find there way to the top. No need to restrict others from being started. If people aren't interested they will die a natural death.
6.) This is a friendly board with members by and large being respectful of others opinions. You would be endangering that by restricting what and how they say whatever it is that's important to them in their own threads.
Some valid points but others not so valid. I too am a moderator at a couple boards and a member at several boards and we usually keep the same topic into 1 thread. It just looks better and has people stop searching all over the forum for a certain thing related to the 1 topic. Its not being over moderated, its just keeping things simpler and not distracting to new members. And those boards are very friendly, fun, have lots of members, and have lasted a long time as well.

Again, this is just my opinion and I was just seeing what everyone else thought. You seemed to get upset when posting this, that wasnt my intention.
Hi DanicaRules - Nope, I'm not upset at all :) I'm sorry if I came across otherwise. I just think your suggestion is a bad idea. On a larger board I might very well agree with you but this board doesn't have all that many posts as to make it a problem. I typically come on the board and search for New Posts. They are usually all confined to 1 page and I skip most of them. Estimate average total time to read what I want around 10 minutes (without commenting). I just don't currently see a problem that needs fixing :)
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