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    Well, I finally got the pictures and I finally figured out how to make an, click these links down there and check it out.

    Left column Top to Bottom

    2003 31 cars that won races FDNY and Charlie's Angels 2, the Angels car was signed in person.

    2004 31 RCR 35th anniversary car and a signed pit crew hat

    2003 standard and reverse paint schemes

    2002 Pepe LePew Looney Tunes Rematch and the 2003 Trapt car that Jeff Burton wrecked, I'd love to get them to both sign it, I was so pissed off.

    Middle Column Top to Bottom

    2004 31 Reverse (which looks like the standard 2003) and the 2002 standard

    1997 40 Coors Light, this one is a bank w/ a 1:64 scale one as well

    2000 13 Menard's cars on the left is the Rocky and Bullwinkle and the right is the Movie Monsters Wolfman. the 1:64 is a turtle wax promo car from 2000

    1997 40 Coors Light

    Right Column top to bottom

    2003 Kyle Busch 87 cars. The big one is an owner's series, so everything even has working suspension and two 1:64 scales of the same car

    2004 5 Busch series car and a hero card I got at a Lowe's Opening in Glasgow KY

    2004 77 Kodak/Wizard of OZ hauler (I need the 1:64 of that car)

    2004 84 CarQuest Kyle Busch car 2004 77 Brendan Gaughan Punisher car (sweetest scheme all year) and in the back is a 1:64 of Biffle's Flash car

    The top of the rack has a few older 1:64, a Heilig Meyers car form the Mike Wallace era and a 21 band Aid from the Michael Waltrip era (not a fan of MW, but my parents gave it to me awhile back, same with the Heilig Meyer, but i like Mike Wallace. Also, a Black 57 Chevy 1:24 my dad gave me for my birthday when he "bought me a car" ha ha ha, but I'll treasure it.

    I also got my mom the big package deal with the 1:64 scale 99 green lantern car w/ the action figure in sez Jeff Burton, but Carl Edwards drove it in his first cup appearance and mom likes her some Carl Edwards.

    Anyway, enjoy, I know I do. Let me know what you think.

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    cool dude!
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