My night at Carolina Speedway

Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by SpeedPagan, Aug 27, 2016.

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    I went to Carolina Speedway last night with a good friend of mine who actually lives like half a mile down the road from the track. Anyways they had Pure Stock, SECA Late Models, Renegades, Street Stock, 4-Cylinders, Hornets and the SECA Thunder Sportsman.

    My friend and I had a good time and it was amazing to see the difference between a race night at a local dirt track and a race night at a local asphalt track. The inspection was different too. Pull your car into the car port, they shine a flashlight at your wheel and if you look good, you're on your way. It was also interesting to see them go back to yellow if someone jumped out of line on the restart or the start of a race. That happened a few times.

    The only race I didn't enjoy was the Renegades because what was supposed to be a 12 lap main event went on for more than half an hour because around lap 5, they kept wrecking so they were on lap 5 for a long time. My favorite race was actually the Hornets, a lot of close side by side action and a good fight up front. There was actually a lot of good fighting for the lead in most of the races. There was one retaliation last night. During one of the restarts in the Renegade class #28 jumped the start and took out two other drivers. So the field went back under yellow. During the caution laps one of the wreck car acted like he was going to go back to the pit area and before you know it, he smashed the throttle and ram his car into the #28, busted the radiator with that move.

    All in all my friend and I had a great night and I was surprised to see the track as packed as it was. We ended up having to park my truck on the other side of the road in an empty field.
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    Thats a good deal. You should have put this in the race thread so it won't get lost. :D
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    A night spent at a short track is the best night :D
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    2 thumbs up.

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