Man Bowtie I couldnt agree with you more. I couldnt stand it. I watched that extended caution with Waltrip go for 3 commercials. Then when the green waved they went strait to another commercial...I cant believe i complained about FOX.
Overall the percentage of the race shown was 71.23, which is exactly equal to Fox's number at Daytona last week and greater than Fox's number at Sears Point by nearly 3%.

Commercial numbers were similar to Fox, and maybe even slightly less. It may seem like NBC had more commercial minutes though because their breaks are about 30 seconds shorter than on Fox, so they need to run more breaks.

The third hour had 24:00 of commercials, which is the highest number in over two years. That hour alone had 10 breaks, also a record. To be fair to NBC though, they ran four breaks under one caution.
Boy HS....Ive never seen so much info, ur a wealth of it
I gotta learn how to do the stop watch function on my wrist watch!! Gonna time these things!!:)

Guess I'll have to ask my wife how to work it........she has to set it for me when go to daylight savings and back to standard time every year!!:D
Wow HS, Those are some telling stats. How did you come up with those?
HS, i knew you'd have the numbers! thanks.

i really like NBC. but then, i really didn't have a problem with Fox either.:satisfied
HS, as always you are the man!!!:) Where do you get this stuff? do you really time this yourself or is this info available somewhere.

Thanks again. :)
Whichever one of the networks is currently covering gets bitched at and everybody wants the other one. Then when they switch it's the same ol deal. It's pretty much all the same to me.
Amaze your friends, Astound your enemies.

Nope I don't time 'em. Could never keep track of tbat and the other stuff I try to pay attention to. On my list of sites I check out every day:

50 minutes of commercials, alittle over 1/4 of each hour was commercials. But nothing new FOX and NBC do the same thing, just tring to pay the bills.
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