NAPA is Staying with DEI



And Michael Waltrip. They just announced a new 2-year deal on NASCAR This Morning. Great news for Michael and DEI. :)

The president of NAPA appeared alongside Michael, and talked about when he first got that phone call from Dale Earnhardt about a possible sponsorship. He said, "How do you say no to Dale Earnhardt?". He told a story about how, when Dale first drove down to seal the deal with NAPA, he couldn't get anything but a Ford rental, and was crouching down in embarrassment the whole way over. Laughed right out loud at that one!

Nice way to start a Sunday morning...
I laughed at that too- i'm so happy for dei,michael and napa.
I'm glad that NAPA is staying with Mikey and DEI, they make a good team.
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