Nascar Craftsman Truck Series 2023

"Race the track." Don't use up your tires on the first ten laps. Like another track that's a new one for a rookie, if you find yourself behind someone with plenty of starts here, pay more attention to what he's doing than to anyone coming up behind you. For cryin' out loud, don't get confident or comfortable. Hopefully his spotter will keep him focused for the first two stages.

But what in Hell do I know? I'm just another butt in the grandstands.
That's some great Darlington guidelines to follow
Chastain, Larson. Bell, Wallace, Byron and the Truck crew is going to make this one interesting.
Like how do you get the window net tuff truck has a window net it isn't hard
Deegan P12 in practice so far = truck seems to have speed.
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