NASCAR is not the only greedy one

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by HardScrabble, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. HardScrabble

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    Seems the boss at Indy does a little gouging of his own. From Jayski's

    Indianapolis, site of one of NASCAR’s premier events, is the only track on the Winston Cup circuit charging individual teams for test sessions. This year, each team pays $2,500 for the two-day test session. For a five-car operation like Roush Racing, that tally runs to $12,500. Most tracks charge a flat fee for a test date, allowing teams to unite and split the cost. Owners say no other facility charges for a open test session. “That’s a huge rip-off,” two-car owner Bill Davis said. “I think those guys make plenty of money as track operators running their races. I don’t think they need to expect us to show them a profit for a test session.” Teams can’t just skip the Indy test and go to a different track to use that date and most can’t afford to skip the prep session for one of the higher-paying events, such as the Brickyard 400.
  2. m&m\'s 36

    m&m\'s 36 Guest

    sheesh HS, they all seem to have some kind of angle .
  3. pbunch

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    That race sucks anyways,Nascar just needed a popular place to hold a race.They should give the brickyard the exit sign.:)
  4. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    Can't say that I think the race sucks, but I don't think races at any track are either always good or always bad, so that opinion don't mean much.

    Indy has its own aura, no other track has the history and tradition of the Brickyard. For that reason I'm glad the NASCAR are running it.

    Indy may also be the champions track. The last 4 years the driver winning the Brickyard race has gone on to win the WC championship. During the course of the eight years that NASCAR has run there, only once has the eventual WC champion finished outside of the top 5.
  5. HappyHour

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    Alas, HS, you have proven my economies of scale theory for multiple car owners wrong! Cha-ching!!
  6. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    hmmm, very interesting. I guess the year dale won, is the only year the winner didnt take the championship?
  7. B.C. - 24

    B.C. - 24 Guest

    Tony George is always looking to make money off of other series, because his own is slowly fading away.
  8. B.C. - 24

    B.C. - 24 Guest

    Ricky Rudd won it one year and didn't get the title. I'm not sure about the other champions finishes.
  9. HardScrabble

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    In 1994, Jeff Gordon won the inaugural Brickyard, WC champion Dale Earhardt finshed 5th

    1995, Dale Earnhardt won the event , while eventual WC champ Jeff Gordon finished 6th

    1996, Dale Jarret capture the checkered flag, while Terry Labonte finished 3rd en route to the championship

    1997, Ricky Rudd took the race and Jeff Gordon finished 4th before winning another championship.

    Beginning with the race in 1998 the Brickyard winner has captured the WC title every year.
  10. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    WEll if thats true i sure hope Bill wins at the Brickyard...this year.
  11. PettyBenson

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    i am not sure if the racing will be so bad this year. I live around Indy and get the Indy staions and they were talkibng to the drivers and they said that the grounding of the track has made the track more grip and when the get out of the groove it easy to drive it in the groove so i say that eventally there will be 2 grooves. If the teasm were smart they would try to move the groove up during the test next week that would help some even if(when) it does rain befor the race.

    Bc-24 the IRL is not slowly fading away they are actually picking up more speed and are doing much better than they have in the past few years with more CART teams moving over more than likely , new engine manufactures and , newer cars all for 2003 the IRL is only oing to grow.

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