NASCAR Modified May Be in Trouble

Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by SpeedPagan, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. SpeedPagan

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    It seems to me, that NASCAR Modifieds aren't really getting a lot of support from NASCAR itself. I mean compare the Whelen Modified to the Sprint Cup/Nationwide or Camping World Trucks and it's night and day.

    I hope they figure this mess out soon.
  2. mike honcho

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    NASCAR only really cares about the CUP level
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  3. toledo47

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    The article is about how they have not released the schedule yet, but this how it is every year. Nothing unusual about that. They never have the K&N, modifieds, or Canadian Tire schedules out this early. The banquet is next month, i'm sure at the latest they will release it then. Would be nice if they would release it sooner every year, but nothing different going on this year from other years in recent history..

    If you think thats bad, for the 2007 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, they didn't release the series schedule until April 2007, the first race was in May...
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  4. buckaroo

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    I remember when NASCAR took over the Southern Modified Auto Racing Tour (SMART) and there was a lot of bickering by the owners. Lots of new equipment was required and that forced some of the teams out of the tour. Insurance was about the only thing that was lauded.
  5. SpeedPagan

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    Seems like NASCAR taking over SMART hasn't been a good move for the Southern Modifieds.
  6. AndyMarquisLive

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    Take the commentary as a grain of salt. The author hates NASCAR's sanctioning body more than anyone. Back in February, he said short track racing was doomed because NASCAR didn't strip Larson of his win at the Battle at the Beach.
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