NASCAR president says France family 'absolutely' not selling business

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by StandOnIt, Feb 12, 2020.

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  2. StandOnIt

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    NASCAR ratings rose five percent last year compared to all sports which experienced a seven percent decrease, he said, adding that he hopes to see the trend continue.
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  3. Snappy D

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    I am still waiting for Dodge to be on the grid for one of these coming Daytona 500's let alone if the Frances are going to sell
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    I think they are grooming young Ben Kennedy to take the reigns, he just was promoted to another area of Nascar.
  5. gnomesayin

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    NASCAR never disputed the reports from 2018 that they had hired Goldman Sachs to explore a potential sale. For whatever reason, as Brian flamed out and exited, they decided to keep it in the family and move forward.

    I'm glad they did, as I didn't like the idea of the potential suitor most often mentioned, Comcast, owning the whole thing.
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  6. StandOnIt

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    Nascar, France or whoever never said a word about the whole thing. It was others that were flapping their gums about this or that like a bunch of teenage ninnies. They were patting themselves on the back when the France family bought out ISC. "Oh they are getting streamlined to make it easier to sell. Nobody paid a bit of attention to what Penske said. And BTW they bought Brian out, he wasn't the cause of anything other than his own demise. He had a title, drew a salary, and owned some ISC stock and probably was a royal pain in the ass to work around.
  7. AndyMarquisLive

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    Curious how that works out. Many of these short tracks and series run by drivers and former drivers don't care about fans and are only interested in making the drivers happy.

    That thinking in NASCAR could be a recipe for disaster.
  8. StandOnIt

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    That's why most of them are running small tracks, their are exceptions but it is B.S. to speculate on something ya don't know about when there is absolutely no indication there is a problem, much less a drama disaster.
  9. AndyMarquisLive

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    This guy, always looking for a fight.

    Speculation would be saying Ben Kennedy will kill the sport by catering solely to the drivers. That's not what I said. Of course, reading comprehension often eludes your skillset when you're defending NASCAR at all costs, looking for a fight with other posters, or whining about the gerbils.
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    go find ya another disaster death bedder. The ignore button is your friend.

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