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Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by Happy29, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    Driving the 83 Coca Cola/ NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet. A "Wings" Scheme Design". Currently 7th in points after Pontiac Excitement 400. Tough 3-way 21 points separate the three battle between Ricky Rudd, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    Won 2 races, Daytona 500, Food City 500. Recent Finish was an 8th at Richmond.

    About to race The Winston or the EA Sports politically correct term "The All-Star".

    Rivals include: Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, Brett Bodine, Jack Sprague, Chase Montgomery, David Green, Steve Park, Rusty Wallace, Jeff Green, Dale Jarrett, Kenny Wallace, Mark Martin, Jeremy Mayfield, Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Elliott Sadler, Bill Elliott, Casey Mears, Greg Biffle

    Allys include: Matt Kenseth, Jeff Gordon, Jamie McMurray, Robby Gordon

    How are your career modes doing guys ?
  2. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    Are you in your first year? That's great!

    Right now I'm 16th in points after 29 races, and just got my first win at the fall Talladega race. Ricky Rudd is leading Sterling Marlin by 160 points.

    My car is a NASCAR Thunder sponsored Pontiac.

    Rivals Include: David Green, Christian Fittipaldi, Mark Martin, David Green, Tony Stewart, Bobby Labonte, Kevin Lepage, Brett Bodine, Greg Biffle and Joe Nemechek.

    Allys: Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton

    I noticed something goofy in my career mode. The second Dover race was a night race.
  3. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    The competition is a lot harder this year's game. I remember last year in NASCAR Thunder 2003, you could win like 21 races in your rookie year and clinch the championship by 1500 points, I'm glad that EA Sports made the changes to make the career mode more challenging but the guys who are interesting in a "pick up and play" game wont like it all.
  4. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    It's definitely harder and it takes a lot longer to upgrade the cars. The rivals and alliances thing makes it very difficult, as one hit from a ai car will severly damage your car until its built up more. I hope they don't have all those stupid fantasy cars come in like they did the past 2 years. I already have won 1 championship and am on my 3rd season.
  5. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    Unfortunately I had to start a new career mode, but it's more a good thing than a bad thing.

    Driving the #83 76 Fuel Chevy. Year 1, race 12 The Coca Cola 600

    So far, 11 starts, 0 Poles 5 WINS 5 Top 5s 9 Top 10s. 3rd in points behind Leader Kevin Harvick and 2nd place man Ricky Rudd

    Allies: Ward Burton, Jerry Nadeau, Kenny Wallace, Bobby Labonte, Kevin LePage, Jack Sprague, Jeff Burton, Ryan Newman, Rusty Wallace

    Neutral: Elliott Sadler, Kevin Harvick, Ken Schrader

    Rivals: Jimmie Johnson, Jeremy Mayfield, Bill Elliot, David Green, Stanton Barrett, Dale Jarrett
  6. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    Did your Ps2 memory card erase it? People have been have lots of problems with both the X-box and ps2 versions of the game from what I've been reading on the internet. I have to send my game back for a replacement copy because after giving me dirty disc errors ever since I got it, it stopped even booting up for me. I used a DVD lens cleaner and it helped for a few days, but after that the game went back to its old ways and got worse and worse. I hope the new copy will fix the problem, but it sounds like EA needs to improve the quality of their discs.
  7. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    No, I just deleted my old dynasty. It didnt get off the ground as I wanted it to.

    I too am experiencing problems with Disc Read Error, all you just need to do is turn the PS2 on it's side or turn it upside down and then the disc will show up.
  8. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    I have a X-Box and have tried everything. I've never had problems with EA Sports Video games before, did they use a different kind of disc this time, or were they just too lazy too make sure the game worked right before shipping it out?
  9. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    I should also add, I have 12 games for the X-box, and this is the only game that's ever given me any disc errors.
  10. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    Could be the Disc, could be anything. I've never experienced any Disc Read Errors on my PS2 with NT2004 but I have with other games. I think it's the dust inside the console that affects all these.
  11. Flametamer

    Flametamer Guest

    park30fan, I have the x-box and had a terrible time trying to save the game. I went into the box memory and deleted all the 04 saves and started a new profile and have had no problems since. I also use the auto save, the quick save seems to be trouble.
  12. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    Well I never had any problems saving the game and have always used auto save. I have my profile backed up on my memory card so when I get the new copy, if it still gives me problems., I will try what you said and see if it helps. I can't do that with the one I have now because it won't even boot up.
  13. Hurricane495

    Hurricane495 Guest

    I to got Disc read errors so I pulled the cover off by unscrewing it(The screws are under the rubber feet)I sprayed the laser eye with a can of compressed air and It works Pisser now
  14. MCanyon

    MCanyon Guest

    Driving the #83 K-mart Chevy I have 1 Pole, 4 Wins, 5 Top Fives, and 7 Top Tens, through 30 races. Had a really slow start, but am making up ground in the standings quick. currently 12th. I could have had another victory, I was leading with 1 lap to go, looking for my first win, and was bumped by rival Tony Stewart, who spun me out and sent me to 32 place. He has spun me out 3 times already (by far my biggest rival). :angry:
  15. steveluvs3

    steveluvs3 Guest

    so what's y'alls grade on the game, I have 2003 and I really havent finished the first season. So what's the deal with the rivals and allies.
  16. Parkfan

    Parkfan Guest

    I think that Rivals and Allies is a great addition. If you race the other drivers rough, and wreck them they will wreck you when they get a chance to, and in season and career it carries over from race to race, so if you wreck someone for the win, you can't just forget about it, because they will be after you the next few races. The one thing I don't like about it is it's so much harder to make allies than rivals, because you have to draft with them to make them your ally, and the only tracks it's useful to do that at are Tally and Daytona. They have a lot of paint schemes for Dale Earnhardt this time, and the extra road courses are nice. Except for career, the races are easier than last year, so you may need to bump up the difficulty level higher than 2003. The soundtrack is really nice this year, and the trophy room is a nice addition. In career mode, they have more realistic sponsors. Overall I'd give it a 8.6/10. I think it's very good, but EA still needs to keep working on it.

    SteveLuvs3, this thread may help you out. This is a thread where we discussed NASCAR Thunder 2004 right after it came out.
  17. Hawk3270

    Hawk3270 Guest

    It is taking me a very long time to improve my car. I think I'm not running well because of set ups. Do you guys use the default set up or your own. I have tried both and I'm still not doing very good. I can finish high but I have to race reckless to do so (not real racing). How do you guys do it?

    I have raced with the Georgia Pacific 45 Dodge and I'm currently racing the Cheerios 43 Dodge. It would be cool to get a better ride. Can you get the rides of the drivers who retire?

  18. Ward Burton

    Ward Burton Guest

    I use the default setup, but it is taking me a while too...

    I drove the #4 Kodak car, but now I drive the #53 NAPA Pontiac...I have 2 Wins, 0 poles...Its my 3rd season with just 12 races a year.
  19. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    Yes, Brett Bodine retired in my career mode and I got his ride. Although I wouldve settled for something of higher standard however it was the only Winston Cup ride available at the time.
  20. WhiningSmoke

    WhiningSmoke Team Owner

    Currently in my 3rd season in career mode playing in Legend mode on 10% race length. I have two championships and 31 career wins in 98 starts. I won the Daytona 500 in my first start thanks to fuel mileage and due to the winnings of that race I was able to invest in my equipment. Second win was the first Pocono race that year. I went on to win 8 more races and beat Dale Jarrett for the championship. I only finished worse than 12th twice.

    In my second season I again won 10 races and beat Tony Stewart for the championship by 22 points. I was gonna finish 2nd in points due to a 2nd half of the season resurgence of Smoke where he won 7 of the last 15 races but he wrecked at Martinsville and that was enough to get his points lead down to 8 points, and by winning at Phoenix and Homestead and finishing 2nd at Rockingham I was able to beat him.

    In my third season I've won 11 of the first 22 races. The game is too easy now unfortunately I don't really have to fight too hard for wins. I'm going to raise the race length to 25% in order to even the competition more (this makes the other cars faster actually).

    I keep all of my stats logged on Excel so that's how I know. I keep track of the winners of each race and my own personal "wins at each track" category. So far I have 3 Pocono wins, 3 Charlotte wins and 3 Talladega wins. Those are my best tracks.

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