NASCAR will screw anything up....


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Jan 3, 2002
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From Jayski's:

What? No More Burnouts? No more post-race burnouts. That's apparently the word from NASCAR execs after Greg Biffle's Busch victory burnout in St. Louis, which led a blown tire, which in turn brought Biffle's car through the post-race inspection station too low. NASCARis telling teams that any driver who does that again and blows a tire risks having the win taken away.(Winston Salem Journal

It doesn't exactly say the driver can't do a burn-out. LOL

It says they just better not blow a tire doing it! hehehe

Next thing, it will be---climb out of the car, no spraying beer or other beverages, no excessive celebrating, no demonstrative behavior. Just thank your sponsors and smile for the camera. :p
nascar has been screwing up stock car racing for years. I mean how long ago was it that they went to tube frames? It ain't been stock car racing since.

What else is new?
I don't praticularly like the burnouts myself.........but I don't think NASCAR should ban them either. Of course if you blow a tire doing one and you come up too low in post race inspection then guess you have to face the consequences.:)
Well some of the drivers suck at burnouts anyways. At least they wont have to suffer the shame when they cant do 1 :D. Yeah i know #24 is not that good at burnouts :p
LOL...I think the best burn-out guys are those old rivals:Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle.Some are better than others,thats for sure.
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