Nate's MotoGP Power Rankings



Ideed it is going to wild and crazy, with the best lineup of riders in recent years, should equal the best season in years, and we are all jacked for this season to get under way. So far, Honda has tested seperate froms the rest making it hard to see how they have come along compared to yamaha and the rest. After the first rank it gets real harry. Could go anyway. So here is how I think they rate going in.

1. Valentino Rossi - Repsol Honda
Still the man to beat, he has got it all right now. The definate favorite to win another champoinship.

2. Max Biaggi - Honda Camel Pramac Pons
Now that he is on a honda, looking like he will be the main threat. Mad Max will defintely win races, champoinship? gotta beat the man to be the man. Mad Max is defintley capible of doing so.

3. Alex Barros - Gauloises Yamaha Team
I think this guy can ride with Rossi with the same equipment, now on the improved M1. Would not suprise me if he could bring home the championship, but thats not for sure, what is though, he will win races, no doubt.

4. Tohru Ukawa - Honda Camel Pramac Pons
He is good on the Honda, then again who wouldn't be? This guy beat rossi last year, different team, same honda, he will be up front most of the time, can't see him wining any more than 1, at the most.

5. Colin Edwards - Alice Aprilia Racing
WSB champoin has found the potential of the 3 cylinder Aprilia. He will get better as they year goes on, I can see him win late in the season, but right now?

6. Troy Bayliss - Ducati Marlboro Team
Will once again have magnets attached to his and Edwards bike, can see both end up right next to each other every race. The first year Ducati will eventually get up to speed, but right now this is where I would rank.

7. Nicky Hayden - Repsol Honda
Is still thinking he is on the RC51, but once he figures out he is on the fastest bike ever in GP, He will be wining, AMA to GP is a big jump, so I will give him some time. He is by far the most talented rider in the states, the kid can do it all. Watch as he slingshots to the top.

8. Carlos Checa - Fortuna Yamaha Team
Very good he is, still I think he is going be swallowed up in the pack.

9. Loris Capirossi - Ducati Marlboro Team
Italy based bike, Italy based rider. Perfect! right? well mabey not so, most would put him higher, but it would suprise me if he did.

10. Marco Melandri - Fortuna Yamaha Team
Doing well on his new ride, but he is no biaggi, therefore he is be seeing riders ahead of him at all times.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
Can't wait for this season to start, going to be absolutly great :bounce:
Here are my top ten in GP this year
1. Alex Barros
2. Valentino Rossi
3. Troy Bayliss
4. Carlos Checa
5. Loris Capirossi
6. Colin Edwards
7. Max Biaggi
8. Nicky Hayden
9. Shinya Nakano
10. Oliver Jacque
Pretty bold statments up there man. Barros over Rossi will be someting to see, I still don't think he can do it this year, possible in the future, but it remmains yet to be seen for 03. :)
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