Nathans hot dog eating contest will carry on in 2020...cause you just can't stop America.


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Jun 22, 2011

For all the people, the melting pot. Memories of the great Kobayashi and what more it could have been. The warrior threw it down heroically and with such great charisma every year until the jaw arthritis just finally became to much.

Still the same same the show goes on the group of athletes will dig in and inspire Americs again.

Very courageous of Joey to carry on because there is an artistic but citical set of moves that a major league eater has utilize while packing the down them dog's.
The rhythms importance can be easily overlooked by unlearnt casual fans. Just like the unappreciated beat of the cheezie soundtracks that the porn stars use to stay in sync with each other.

I am sure many hearts were broken on the sad day that Kobayashi realized he had the jaw arthritis and lost the critical rhythm that he had used to dominate the sport up until that time.
Thankfully he was able to pursue a 2nd career and life as an F1 an Indy car race driver. I just hope Joey will be okay after the dog days are gone as well, in any case it has been a hell of a (the)runs.

Despite a pronounced lean from a game leg, Joey Chestnut survived all challenges. That is one hot dog eating mo fo.

Look at the concentration, the form

ESPN also airs cornhole sometimes, I have it between them and the hot doggers for most athletic in the country.
I am ok with the hotdog contest until
they dunk it in the water. Thats when I get
a little nauseous and , well , turn the channel.
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