NBC Sports has a new media rights deal with Moto GP

This is huge for American exposure for that series. It's not something I had an entree into, so I've never followed it closely. This will make it much easier to watch casually than it being on an obscure and hard to find network.

I'm not always a big fan of NBC's style of presentation, but I'm glad there is a major network placing such emphasis on a variety of motorsports.

Are they going to have American announcers, or will this be an ESPN F1-esque international simulcast?
Kinda gonna miss the full shows without commercials on BeIn. This is good though, for obvious reasons.
NBCS/N is becoming the new Speed Channel, I love it!
I can't take credit for this, found it on Twitter but don't wanna publish the guy's @

Great news! Some of the best races I have ever seen were in MotoGP.
Was completely out of the loop when it went to Bein.
Time to get reacquainted with the current riders and champions of the past few years.
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