New Bikes for 04



Which bike will rule the Superbike World in 04? Obviously the GSXR kicked butt for the last 2 years. Will Honda, Kawi or able to knock the GSXR off the Podium and out of the top in every magazine article written about this class of bike? I love the Grey GSXR 1000 and the Black and Grey R1............fantastic machines!
Assuming the same riders as of now. I would say E Boss on a Big Kawi will Give Maldin a run for his money next year. The best bike overall I would say is the Honda, followed by Yamaha and Suzuki. You know Suzuki has 2 championship caliber riders. The Kawi bikes are usally unperdictable, but the constant factor is Bosstrom. Yamaha will hopehully field a superbike, I love the R1, I would liked to see what Gobert would have done on one. Rumor is Ducati will field a full factory team next year with a works 999, who will ride I don't know. Have the comparision tests been out yet?
No comparison Tests out yet! In fact there are very few pics around. The Kawi ZX 10 looks like an awesome bike! The Honda CBR 1000 is a mirror image of the 600 RR! I think Honda will do much better next year agains the GSXR 1000! Maybe the old man Duhamel can take another superbike championship with the bike!
2004 Yamaha R1 is rumored to have 180 HP...... Unreal if its true...... wonder what Kawi, Honda and Suzuki will do about that!
holy moly! thats a 20hp jump. I wonder if they are implementing things off their M1 block. Oh I bet the rest will be right up there. the FirebladeRR is on Hondas site, no HP numbers yet, The colour scheme is different for sure. Ducati has plans for a v-4 bike named the GP-1, claims 160hp at the wheels, look out for that in the future.
Ducati with 160 HP .......... ha ha ha ha LOL Ducs get attention..... and they are interesting ......but I wouldnt pay that much .........when a HONDA will spank it for 60% of the price
My bet might be on the new ZX 10 Kawi........ I bet that is going to be a screamer........I havent seen any stats on it yet. cant wait!
The ZX 10 is susspose to weigh 172kilos and have 172ponies. Not bad at all. WIll love to see what E Boss can do on that.
Yeah Ducs are expensive, but to me they are worth it.
I guess you either like the Duck.......or you dont. I have always liked the more bang for the or bikes! Don't want the huge maintenance bills either! But I must say that they draw attention!

I was riding with some guys in the mountains today.........and a guy on his 996 ...... crashed and the bike went over a 40 foot embankment........Yikes. He was ok and the bike was rideable.........rode it all the way back to charlotte. The crash looked worse than it was. Only the front fairing and windscreen were seriously damaged. The rest of the bike was ok.........dirty.....thats about it. Rode it home at speeds over 100MPH!
heh heh, sounds like he is lucky. Glad nothing happed to him though. I bet you guys have some awsome places to ride out there for sure.
NC is an awesome place to ride. We were in Boone Yesterday (Smokey Mtns). Deals Gap area is still my favorite! least this guy didnt get hurt and at least his wife wasnt on board either!
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