New "what are you listening to thread"

I musta been sleeping under a rock. Or, else, maybe I wasn't paying attention, but, I just discovered John Prine. I know there are people who have listened to his music for years but it wasn't until Sunday evening I came across him and acknowledged his music. I might have heard him in the past but my life was filled with work and family and I really never listened, I mean really sat and listened, to music the way I these days. Thought I'd share one of his tunes but fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it, you must listen to his opening monologue.

In listening to John Prine's early year vocals, I like his voice better in his later years. The rough, gravelly sound is more of an old time country singer although he is more of a folk song performer. BUT, who's to say which genre he is to be categorized? Not me, the putz who didn't find him until this week and learning he has been performing since the late 1960's. Besides, we have Joe Diffie with If the Devil Danced in an empty Pocket...,
and that song having a comical story line might be considered folk music if that is how folk music were defined. (sigh) Too much overtime thinking over something not worth debating at this stage of my life.

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