NHMS Short Track Extravaganza (Modified Christmas)

Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by Speedbowl14, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Speedbowl14

    Speedbowl14 Tony Stewart and the Waterford Speedbowl

    Get pumped!!!! :headbang:

    Tickets are $40 for the weekend. $10 Friday, $35 Saturday if purchased separately. Based on the disparity in ticket prices me thinks everybody will qualify Friday and run all the features Saturday. I think $40 for the weekend is a steal, given Thompson has been charging $50+ for the World Series for years now, and Stafford charges $38 I think for the Fall Final and Spring Sizzler which are comparable two-day shows with WMT racing.

    Of course, they could charge Cup prices and I'd still be there...
  2. toledo47

    toledo47 Team Owner

    I don't understand what they mean by "will also feature a combined race with the NASCAR K&N Pro East, PEAK Mexico, and Whelen Euro series".
    What does that mean? I assume they will just have a few drivers from the Mexican and European series run in the K&N race? A couple of the Mexico series already have K&N rides anyway, so if thats their plan, seems easy. Not really a combined race with the 3 series then though, just a few foreign drivers invited to run the race...
    The Pinty's Series is an awesome series, though I think the car count may be a big issue for that race.. They have had several races this year with 15 car fields... NASCAR has got to give them some kind of tow money or really big payout for showing up to this thing or the field will be really bad. 15 cars looks bad on the normal 1/3 mile tracks they run, it would look a lot worse at the 1 mile track.
    If friday is just group qualifying, i'll just skip it... I hate group qualifying, its the same as watching a practice session...
    I really look forward to this weekend at NHMS! I've only been there one time before for a K&N race, but I will try to make this event since I really love all 3 of the series running there.
    I hope its a success, the Modifieds, K&N, and Pinty's deserve a big weekend like this. The most recent big event with multiple series like this was those 2 Battle at the Beach races a few years ago.
  3. AndyMarquisLive

    AndyMarquisLive Short Track Fanatic

    Yankee Christmas ;)

    This is an awesome lineup though.
  4. AuzGrams

    AuzGrams Team Owner

    Better deal than Cup if Pinty's can get 18-20+ cars and the Mods are 250 laps.
  5. Speedbowl14

    Speedbowl14 Tony Stewart and the Waterford Speedbowl

    $25k to win...that's a good amount!!! It'll have to pay $2-4k to start though if they want to get a decent field.

    This is so awesome....uncharted territory for modifieds and late models if you think about it...250+ miles. That's insane. The Winchester 400 is 250 miles...I can't think of any event that's longer milage-wise.

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