NHRA Pennsylvania 2014

My regular "Larry Dixon should be in a top ride" rant here.
What a race between Sarge and Doug!

Would be neat if Brittany wins, but Sarge looks like he's on a rail.
I don't like Greg Anderson. At all. But that hurts to watch.
Love the perfect lights! Erica went at .015 and left the line second.

I don't care what they say, anybody who gets a .000 is guessing.
That 10,000 hp engine blew up in flames in front of him and he rode it home. Congrats to Matt Hagan.
I was helping Jim Dunn and Jeff Arend for the past 2 races...but a red light in the semi final cost us a trip to the final round. Jeff has only had two red lights in his career. We got in the show on our Fri session wih a 4.09 at 310 mph so we didn't run on Sat...we went to the Shady Maples smorgasbord instead.:D Now, i'm in Indiana heading back to California with Shady Maples on my mind.:)
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