NHRA puts head up ..... .again


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Oct 18, 2005
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“This is tough,” Strasburg said. “That’s probably a good time to get out of it (racing). I would say there is a pretty good chance.”

Strasburg was hoping to return to the track as a tuner for alcohol cars or Pro Mod cars, but according to his NHRA suspension he can’t attend races by the sanctioning body for a year.

“If I’m completely suspended for a year, I will be out of it (racing) forever,” said Strasburg, who lives in Salt Lake City and his company B&J Transmissions sells transmissions to the top running alcohol cars. “I will definitely never come back. I’m a little frustrated that they wouldn’t work with me and say we will give you 10 more minutes or two more minutes, something like that. They (NHRA) said the rules are the rules and that’s it. You are done.”
zero tolerance seems pretty clear to me. mike screwed up by waiting too long to furnish his test samples. harsh but i don't really blame the nhra. mike didn't take the testing seriously enough and got burned.

According to Strasburg, he was issued the paperwork from the NHRA to take a drug test Friday afternoon.

“I went down there (Friday night) to test, but they closed at 6 p.m. (Pacific Time), and I just missed them (before they closed). I had to run the alcohol (Funny Car) Saturday. We help tune the alcohol Funny Car driven by Roger Bateman. We were busy with everything else Saturday and I should have made time (to go do the drug test), and missed a run with our (Top Fuel) car or whatever. It’s a zero tolerance. They (NHRA) will not let you do it five minutes after the time in which you were (allotted) to do it.”
That's why you have rules, stop whining and suck it up.
If you are ever going to follow the rules.Taking a Drug Test is the time to do it.
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