Nick Harrison

Discussion in 'The Checkered Flag' started by Spotter22, Jul 21, 2019.

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    I'm floored to hear of his passing, just such a nice guy, its tough to understand how in an instant hes gone.
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    Rest easy, Nick.

    37 is such a young age. Prayers to his family and colleagues going through this.:(
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    Losing an active Crew chief just hours after he called his last race is a major shock.

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    Very sad news for the NASCAR community , RIP
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    I haven’t heard anything. Especially nothing about cause of death.
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    Bob Pockrass
    NC medical examiner rules July 21 death of Nick Harrison as accident of acute cocaine, oxycodone & alcohol intoxication. Landed in NC at 11pm, went to friend’s home, got home 4:30am, found not breathing 6:30am. Toxicology: Cocaine 0.14mg/L, oxycodone 0.32 mg/L, alcohol 0.08% BAC

    Bob Pockrass
    While not listed as a cause of death, the reports indicate Nick Harrison also had an enlarged heart and had a history of sleep apnea. Medical examiner’s office finalized its ruling Saturday, and the reports (autopsy, toxicology, investigation) became public record on Tuesday.
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    Wow. :(
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