Nicky Hayden



I don't think europe knows whats coming. Not giving him the respect he deserves, IMO. All the talk about how Edwards should have got the ride, no offense to Edwards, but Hayden is a notch above. Edwards puts all avaible effort in while Haden appears effortless.
I don't know if anyone has seen this guy ride, but as said before, this guy is an animal. Take his flat track racing skills. Last year at the Peoria TT's, I witnessed something amazing. First off he was riding a stock 454 honda when the class is legal up tp 500cc. Most guys on the gump when racing, land about 110 ft, not nicky, only guy going beyond 120 ft. In qualifing, showing the wild guy he is, crashed his bike, ended up starting dead last. Needless to say, the 13 time in a row peoria champ Chris Carr started 1st. Well to sum it all up, last lap, last turn, Hayden passed Carr and won by a bike. The guy can flat out ride and will definte be on top of MotoGP in the future.
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