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Sorry I haven't posted much, but I have not traveled out of town to any big races this year. Ever since my home track Buena Park closed, I have just been racing a couple times a week at Piranha Raceway. The past 3 weeks has been pretty good with 3 winner/runner-ups and a runner-up. Plus, I won the 2024 March Meet a few weeks ago. After tomorrow's race, I will be taking a couple of weeks off unless I decide to go race in Northern Cal or Phoenix AZ because there will be no drag racing at Piranha Speedway due to 2 major scale car races on the king track and flat track. April 16th-21st is the USRA National Championships and then the next week April 26th-28th is the International Festival of Speed at Piranha. Racers from all around the World will be here for those 2 weeks. They have already started arriving to test. There are a dozen racers coming from Brazil.


Here are some pics of the 2024 March Meet a few weeks ago at Piranha Speedway. On Friday night testing JR Mora had a top end crash with his fuel altered and it bent the chassis pretty severely. But he was able to strip it down and put the chassis back on the jig and replace some pipe and get it back together for the race the next day. I will upload a couple pics of it. I only raced in the Hot Rod class and I won it and then I loaned my blind buddy Cody my Blue Max funnycar for .990 FC, and my orange Camaro for 1.090 B-Gas. He went to the finals with both of them but lost to Vince Ito in both final rounds. Cody had better lights than Vince in both finals, but the cars slowed down just enough to lose. Turns out Cody had moved one of the dials on his controller and that is why the cars slowed down. Lesson learned... don't let a blind guy be in control of setting the dials on a controller. :D









For anyone interested, I'm pretty sure the USRA races on April 16th-21st and the International Festival of Speed races on April 26th-28th at Piranha Speedway and Hobbies will be live streamed on Twitch-TV.
I recognize some faces from the other track. Sucks it closed but at least there is still good racing at least.
Just about everyone from the Buena Park track moved over to Piranha so that put everyone under one roof and increased the car count at Piranha on a weekly basis.
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