NNS Roles reversed what does Nascar do?

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Hornish leading Dillion by 1 point during last caution. What does Nascar do?

  1. Of course they red flag it, Dillion has a chance!

  2. Nope, they finish under yellow. I mean Hornish clearly had the better season up to that point.

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  1. Jeffrey00

    Jeffrey00 Stamos Cozy

    I think many here know my answer.

    Edit: I know Dillion won by 3 points, but for the sake of the poll question I changed it to 1.
  2. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    I'm not going to play, that is a trick question
  3. Jeffrey00

    Jeffrey00 Stamos Cozy

    Then don't comment, but before he leave how is it a trick question? Do you feel they would have done things differently? Even if it was by 3 points?
  4. Kyle18fan

    Kyle18fan Guest

    Blaming 1 race for winning or losing a championship doesnt really work for me. There were plenty of races earlier in the year that had an effect on points. Sammy should have finished an earlier race a couple of spots higher and he would be the champ.
  5. Jeffrey00

    Jeffrey00 Stamos Cozy

    Championships aren't won with one race, but you sure a hell can lose a championship in one race.
  6. KevinWI

    KevinWI Oldest Operating Motor Speedway In The World

  7. hawg dawg

    hawg dawg Team Owner

    yep jeff....sam got losin end a' tha deal......but it's over.
    just hope he gets a ride next yr.
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