Not bad for a small block!

Discussion in 'Drag Racing' started by Magnethead, Nov 9, 2014.

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    As i posted in the shoutbox, one of our friends has been trying to get to the 5.00 index/class cap for the footbrake category. He's gone through 4 motors, 2 fuel systems, and alot of money, but tonight he finally got there. Went 5.006, 5.002, 5.003, and 4.996 in the 1/8 mile. Started in the 5.60's, we did some suspension tuning for him, put a computer on it, got him to 5.30's, then he blew up 2 motors and threw a way-out-there 440+" small block and landed in the 5.0's in hot texas weather. Cool weather this weekend got him there. He blew a head gasket 2 weeks ago and got it fixed for this weekend. @Nitro Dude ;)



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