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Oct 5, 2001
They are going to do a thing on the Nascar Rule Book or in their words "the lack of one". Might be interesting.
When is that?!!

Edit: Never mind. It's on right after this commercial break!!
They have been telling it for a while. I think they are trying to get the Nascar fans to stick around longer.
It's FOX's News Channel, they always are sensationalism, they are the biggest joke for a news channel. They give onesided views, usually there's.
I just turned on my computer again to thank you for telling me about that! Did anyone else catch it? I normally like Fox News, but Greta Van Susteren knows NOTHING about racing. It was really embarrassing when she asked "And what exactly do you mean by 'green conditions'?". :rolleyes:

And what's the deal with Dick Berggren's nose? It looks like he had one transplanted from another race. A little makeup, guys? :nyanya:
Dick Berggren's nose was firmly planted in Dale Earnhardt's behind. Now I think it matches Jeff Gordon's the closest. :p He is anything but impartial as a "journalist".
I was wondering about his nose too. Looked sortof like he had sunglass rings around his eyes too. Maybe he had reflector sunglasses on and they burned his nose????????????
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