Been thinking about your "sponsorship" suggestion. If you want to e-mail me a banner logo I'll put it on the rear bumper - quite visable there.

Also if you want me to do up a car with your logos on it so you could have some pics,let me know - you could use the pics in the web-site theme.
Make it as big as you want - I can shrink it in Photoshop to the size I need - if its too small detail will be lost if I have to INCREASE the size.
What are the primary colors of your car? Workin on it right now. :)
I'm not quite done with it but this is what it SHOULD look like...
HA! That's awesome!

So, in the league that you run in, they will all see that?
As soon as I send in the file that's the view they will see.

Do you know how hard it was for me to get pics next to the Gibbs cars for you?!?!?! LOL
so I take it smoke that you are pretty good at the game because of the ad being on the back so the others can see it, nice :D
Between the two divisions we run we have about 50 drivers in the league. I run in the Busch races cuz I'm new to this particular league, however Cup races would not be out of the question if I have a good showing - either way the car will be seen by that many guys. I run in a winter league too that starts in Oct. another 20 guys there - I use the same car file.
lol :) either way thats pretty sweet having leauges like that, mabey if a lo tof people in here have the same game we could set up one:)
I don't know much about race hosting - I know our league runs on a dedicated server on a BIG connection. SO we have no problem running a 20 -25 car field.
I did the artwork myself TRL - although I have to admit the color scheme and the blue area on the side are based on Jimmie Johnsons car - but if you look at them side by side you can see the differences that I made.

Here's a "collage" I made of the car:
The pic I used as a model:

I started with a solid blue car - thought thats what I wanted - got bored with it LOL
Why thanks you ;)

Gotta be true to my sponsor - I'm wearing my NIKE shoes right now ;)
That is a very sharp looking car. Let us know if any of your races are broadcast anywhere. I would love to see that thing in action!:)
Smoke--What game and league is that? I wuld love to get in on the action.
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