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From the Georgia Pacific website. Maybe this is the Bugle's car.

Christian Fittipaldi will be in the #44 car at Daytona, Watkins Glen, Talladega and Charlotte later in the year. We're going to be making an announcement at Speed Street in Charlotte on Friday, May 23 as to the sponsor of the #44 car. Christian and I will be there to unveil the #44 car to everyone. Right now we are very close to having a full-time sponsor for Christian for the 2004 season and beyond. Hopefully we'll be making an announcement soon on that as well.

I wonder if they will bring the 44 back full time in 2004 or not. I thought they were happy with 2 cars. But again the GM sponsorship is up as so is johns contract...things that make you go HUMMM

Ward Burton

Yes he had a 1 year deal that ends after this year, and so does the sponsorship with Cheerios.

Unless they resign.


Ever since Loomis left PE, they have never been able to recover. Cheerios would probably like to stay w/ PE, but they are not performing right now.
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