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Jun 11, 2002
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Just reported that Todd Parrott was fined $20,000, 25 driver points and 25 owner points for the 1/8" infraction.

Also, Ricky Rudd's crew chief, McSwain fined $500 for a "jacking bolt infraction.
$500? That seems a bit on the shy side, wasn't this a fine that happened to a few other teams last week? I tohught they were fined more than that? Thanks for the info Kat
Originally posted by mlitefan01
$500?  That seems a bit on the shy side, wasn't this a fine that happened to a few other teams last week?  I tohught they were fined more than that?  Thanks for the info Kat

I think the Jackbolts were fined more last week, just don't remember the thread.

Just more Na$ca$h for the pool, I guess.

AND what the he11 is a jackbolt???
If I remember correctly (I think it was BP showing the underside of their model car) the jack bolts held the trailing arms to the chasis or sumthin like that. The penalties for last week were the position of bolts, they were in farther or ahead farther or sumthin. Can't remember exactly
The fines last week to the 20 and 45 cars for jacking bolts were $500. this is standard fine for that offense and has been issued several times this season.

A jacking bolt is a bolt with a plate on one end which sits atop the springs at all four corners of the car. Whenver you hear mention of a crew either putting turns in or out of the rear, also referred to as wedge adjustment, they turn the jacking bolts to apply either more or less pressure to the spring. this has the effect of shiftng the cars weight from one tire to another.

The jacking bolts at the front are set prior to the race and set screwed in postion and never adjusted during the race.
Thanks for info. Bp must have been talking about something else.
BP was talking about the offset trailing arm mount bolts that JJ's team was fined and had points deducted for at Daytona.

If you can picture the view they gave you of the trailing arms you may recall along the trailing arm just in front of the rear axle the rear springs are mounted. This view show you the bottomof the spring, the jacking bolts are on the top of these springs. If you have ever noticed a crew member stick a wrench through the rear window (an opening in the rear window actually) and give it a turn or two he could be adjusting the jacking bolts, He could also be adjusting the track bar but that's another animal.
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