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I love short track racing (Taylor's Version)
Feb 16, 2009
A short track somewhere
I've got to ask the mods: Are the personal attacks something that will now be tolerated? If so, I've got some catching up to do.
Apparently personal attacks and rude comments are allowed along with multitudes of worthless irrelevant posts.
Personally , I am offended by personal attacks on Nascar sponsors . It irks me that Cup owners go out and try to lure sponsors to this sport ,then 'so called ' fans , try to drive those sponsors away by slandering them on public forums like this one . You would think that out of respect for Nascar , I 'so called fan' would try to refrain.
Personal attacks were and are not to be tolerated. However, our all-seeing eyes are sometimes distracted from the never-ending hunt for stuff to take care of. Please use the Report button below each objectionable post to bring it to our attention. :beerbang:

The rules can be found at the link named "Terms and Rules" at the bottom of every page, or right here:
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