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Mar 3, 2012
The NASCAR Pick 'Em game on this board utilizes personal messages (conversations) to allow for players of the game to submit drivers picks to me (the game administer, so to speak) and for me to respond to each message with a confirmation of the pick.

I typically go through the messages on a "batch" basis at a somewhat brisk pace, opening each message, recording the pick, and then responding to the message with a "confirmation" message.

Recently I've found that the board limits my conversation activity to one message approximately every 60 seconds, which is considerably less time than I'm able to process game pick submittal messages.

Is this 60 second limitation something new or am I just moving through the pick submittals at a faster pace than previously ?

Also, is there any particular reason for the time limitation ?
I've noticed it with private messages and regular posts. There was always a limit on it, but now it seems to be longer and it seems to not be counting time accurately
Also, is there any particular reason for the time limitation ?
Yes --- it keeps people from flooding the forum with post, after post, after post. We've had that happen in the past. Very annoying.
And, it helps keep spammers out if they slip by the spam check. A couple of years ago, had a blitz from Romania. Several
hundred posts in just a couple of minutes --- done by a bot.
Def longer. Thought it was something like 30 or 25 seconds.

It happens to me more often too now.
Seems to have gone back to something considerably less than 60 seconds.

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