Petty might have a sponsor lined up



Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream or Gateway Computers are big players in the picture. I was listing to Racing Country on 94.7 WQDR(PRN) this morning and they had a segiment on that.
Jayski is reporting the same names, but does not attribute the rumor to Racing Country so maybe other sources are saying the same.

AutoWeek OnLine is reporting that Kyle has a sponsor for the #45 car next year, but mentions no names. Also confirms that Kyle wants John back in the 43 next year.

Also Mike Mulhern is reporiting that Hamilton is out of the picture for PE next year. No idea why.
Ben & Jerry's...great ice cream, based in Vermont! Woo-hoo!

Sorry, just had to get a plug in for this little state I live in...;)
Either one sounds great to me. I can not imagine a Petty having to worry about getting a good sponsor. I can see the Gateway paint scheme in my head already. Pretty cool.
The Gateway paint scheme will easily make Petty's one of the coolest cars out there -- if they do it right. I hope he gets that one.

Although, Ben & Jerry's probably allows for more "special editions". Hmm, what would Chunky Monkey look like?
i heard a rumor that coca-cola is a possiblity as well( could Kyle and Mello Yello return to the side of Kyle's cars) I can see the gateway car now a great big cow looking car.
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