Pics from IRP

Cool pics Nate! I take it you all had a great time at IRP! Is that Dragster your Dad's?...Is it an S/C car? How did you all do?

oh yeah, awsome time:D Its my cousin's B class dragster, his name is Mike Wharram, He held a couple of records in IHRA in the B/D and B/ED classes but he doesn't run those events anymore.

Its powered by a Natural Aspirated chevy 350, it dynos about 900horses at 11 something rmp :D (can't remember exactly what it was) Runs a single 4barrel carb, a winston cup bore of 4.185 inches, nothing to outragous, but its a pretty good litttle engine.

That race was Jeg's super quick series. 1/8th mile can't run anything faster than a 4.50. So thats why he can compeat with the big block s/c cars and body cars. He qualified 11th with a 4.52 @ 150, second fastest dragster, there were only 3 dragsters in the top 16, the body cars got 2 tenths, which is pretty generious if you ask me. But first round he red lighted, I am not sure if he is used to running a delay box yet, oh well, I still had fun

Originally posted by NateDogg
Its powered by a Natural Aspirated chevy 350, it dynos about 900horses at 11 something rmp  

Yeah Buddy!!!! What heads does he run? We're on the other end of the spectrum. We run those dreaded Door cars! One is a stick shift only, touring series in the mid Atlantic (Pro Stick Association) and the is for a local 1/8 mile Outlaw Pro Street class...requires a bunch of stock body and chassis stuff, but the engine rules are open...except you have to run mufflers. We think the small block can run against Big Blocks in th e1/8 mile too!!!

I'll try to attch some pics.
the reason it took me so long to reply is that I was staring at the pics all that time, haha. As far as I know my cousin runs winston cup style heads, that was many engines ago but I would think it would be about the same, never have been over at the shop when they have the heads off.

awww yeah those are engines allright :D HorsePowerToGo looks like an understatement. That is one trick setup on the bottom engine. Explain what you can tell be about that with the nitrous, not very knowledgeable with how nitrous is run. The top engine motor apperas to be a little more tame, but you never know :)

Do you run any events in the midwest? about taking a LOOOONGGGG time to get back! Sorry. This is actually my first nitrous motor and I'm in learning mode myself. I love the naturally aspirated stuff, but the recent popularity of the SSO, OPS, etc cars has driven me to get invloved.

We've been having a heck of a time with transmission reliabilty too. I love the 5 speed clutchless trannys (we use the G-Force in the car in the top picture), but autos are kind of helpfull in these heavy, tall, slow steering "street cars".

The engine in the bottom picture good for 860hp on motor, but the nitrous system is now good for a "700 hp" shot. I orginally planned and asked for 600, but Branden Switzer wound up giving us the extra 100hp system.

This particular system (not plumbed at the time the pic was taken), is a two stage fogger. That is, there are two separate circuits, and they come in at different times. Each supplies nitrous and a necessary matching amount of gas (to ensure the proper fuel to air ratio). The nitrous is an oxygen source. If you think about it, air is only...what 24-25% oxygen? Nitrous is 33% oxygen (N2O). Then consider that nitrous comes in under pressure and is cold, both of these conditions drastically increase the cylinder oxygen content. So, in effect nitrous is a form of super charging....but it is very important to keep everything in correct proportion.

Which is why I was soooo late getting back. Not only did we destroy another tranny this past weekend, but hurt the engine a bit. Not too bad (fortunately), but it needed/needs attention. Not enough fuel, too much timing and...leak down rates in the 30% range.

Sorry, we don't run in the mid-west, but it would be cool to take a visit. We run mostly in the state of Maryland. We are blessed with an abundance of local tracks and good fan attendance. Sometimes we go to Reading (MRP), but usually stay "home". One of the Pro 5.0 teams has asked us to join up as a team Supper Street Outlaw (SSO) car. If we take him up on it, maybe we'll do some traveling...who knows? be honest with you, I just like tinkering with engine combinations more than anything else.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

yeah those nitrous motors seem too be tricky, but I bet they are a blast. 700horses at your fingertips, thats awsome how that works, so easy for power :D How low of compression to you run on that? eleven or twelve? my cousins's mortor runs 17 to 1, but thats totally different setup. He is done for the year now, Hopefully he will run some big events now that he has the engine back in 1 piece, haha. I forget how many events he runs in the east. Good Luck with that Super Street Outlaw car if you do that. :)
Believe it or not it's 14.85:1. I know a lot of folks who run the lower CR, and I finally discovered why. They run a lot shorter timing than I a lot. So, they've basically set their engines up to work with the lower CR in the first place. I run the timing of a C or B car. This bleeds of a lot of cylinder pressure, but lets me rpm. That = more HP.

But as we speak, I just sold the heads, intake and nitrous plumbing. I'm going to buy the car the engine is in and then rebuild my engine using the Yates SC-1 canted valve heads. It should give me 100 - 120 more naturally aspirated hp...then add nitrous!!!!
Originally posted by Windsor377
Believe it or not it's 14.85:1.

hmmm thats an interesting approach. I am so used to the other way around. How much blow by do you get with that? aparlently its not enough to slow ya down. Then how much rpm do you run? Then there is always the how many runs did you get outta that engine?

YOu will have to keep us updated on the new engine :D sounds pretty trick to me!!
Originally posted by NateDogg
hmmm thats an interesting approach.  I am so used to the other way around.  How much blow by do you get with that?  aparlently its not enough to slow ya down.  Then how much rpm do you run?  Then there is always the how many runs did you get outta that engine?

YOu will have to keep us updated on the new engine :D  sounds pretty trick to me!!

Even with my appraoch, it seems that the sfift points fall off at about 125 rpm per "100 hp" of nitrous. That may change in the futire as I learn more about this stuff, but that's what I'm seeing right now.

Blow by!!!! Man, that is an area I will spend some time on. Coming from the naturally aspirated world I've gone for the lightest and lowest tension ring set possible. Try that with nitrous and the term blow by turns into gusher! The new motor will still have .043 top and seconds, but NO back cuts and I'll even go with a standard tension oil control

That last motor was a match for many of the nitrous Pro 5.0 motors. This next one will be a match for the best Pro 5.0 motor out there!!!...fingers crossed!
go for it! I am learning all I can from my cousin's N/A motor before I learn much about nitro. Get all the kinks worked out I wouldn't be suprised if you see the Pro 5.0's in the rearview :)
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