Whats going on, this is just a reminder that PINKS season 3 premeire is tomorrow (July 12) night at 9:00et on SPEED. I found some details about the show on their web-site...
yeah it was a good episode. a 199? datsun against a 198? monte carlo. tied 2-2 through 4 races, and the monte carlo blew the datsun away in the end. what a race.

(the ?'s are missing numbers, because i'm not sure of the exact year....and also the monte may have been a 70's monte carlo and not a 80's.)
It kept saying it was a 1979 datsun, but it was pre 78 like the car im building
nice. z, once u got it built, post a pic of it or something. i wanna c how it turns out.
Well i still fot a long ways to go.


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Have you guys been following PINKS' new season, season three?? It is, by far, their best yet! Tonight PINKS will air on Speed. Playing host to the race is SURPRISE, ARIZONA. Facing off is Robert Shields (Texas): in a 1969 Chevy Chevelle VS. Donnie Denton (Texas): in a 1986 Chevy Camaro… Personally, I am a Chevelle fan. Be sure to tune into Speed Network tonight at 9:30 pm Eastern Time for PINKS.

Check out their web-site for games, alternate viewing listings, and tons of other cool extras... speedtv com/pinks
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