Playoff Fever spreads to Supercross and Motocross... with $10 million purse promised


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Apr 21, 2016
Fifty years (!) after the birth of Supercross, it looks like AMA Motocross and Supercross are finally going to collaborate for the mutual good of both forks of the motocross industry. Yikes, it comes with a playoff... three races in the fall to crown the SuperMotocross Champion... and they are touting a $10 million purse payout. This $10 mil apparently is spread over the full year, the total purse payout of SX plus MX plus the lucrative three-race playoff.

The serious money in dirt bike racing comes from the motorcycle OEM's that sign the top guys to big-bucks contracts. But could this new plan finally bring about a meaningful purse structure as well? Time will tell. Jason Weigandt breaks it down in this article...

This is kind of cool. As long as it doesn’t screw up the Monster Energy Supercross season and this little playoff is long after their last race it seems. I’ll liken it to the Fed Ex Cup in Golf, I just don’t want a playoff for the Monster Energy Supercross fellas, that series is exciting as is.
I dunno, maybe it will be more entertaining, I actually love Salt Lake being on the schedule but Las Vegas should be the finale.

Maybe this expanded playoff will add a round or 2 into mid May before the Coke 600-Indy 500 race weekend?
Love seeing the LA Coliseum as the SMX Playoff race. Interested to see what the other 2 races will be.

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