Poll: Fan payments toward building SAFER barriers

Would you donate your own money to kick start the immediate funding and constructing of barriers?

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    Votes: 3 20.0%
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    Votes: 12 80.0%
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Ya gotta wanna
May 19, 2013
In light of the "would you pay for NASCAR PPV" thread,

Would you donate your own money to kick-start the immediate funding and constructing (construction begins in the 2014 off season) of SAFER barriers around the whole track of all current NASCAR scheduled tracks?

Say there was a donation webpage created by NASCAR to donate anywhere between $50-$1000, would you donate? Why or why not?

Selection of multiple answers is allowed.
They get money from tv deals, sponsorship, merchandise, and we buy tickets. They can use all of that to do track upgrades. I can think of much better charities than the NASCAR SAFER Barrier fund to donate to....
NASCAR, ISC, and SMI have more than enough money to pay for it themselves. That shouldn't be the fans' job. We pay for enough already.

With that said, if that's the only way to go about it, I'd chip in a little. No minimum donation, though.

While we're on the subject...Iowa Speedway is the only national series track with SAFER barrier along the entire outside wall. As if there weren't already enough reasons for Cup to have a date there.
NASCAR, ISC, and SMI have more than enough money to pay for it themselves.
They are going at it incredibly slow, no? If fan payments started construction by this off season and ended in under 3 years, would you donate?

All of this is highly unlikely, just playing the "if" game.
No, Chex. Stop giving them ideas.

NASCAR and/or the track owners need to step up, do the right thing, and pay for it themselves. There's absolutely no excuse for them not to have SAFER barriers all the way around all of these tracks. It's such a no-brainer and should already have been done ages ago.
if they can't find safer wall $ in budget ......w/ new $820 mill / yr tv deal for next 10 yrs .....a few fan bucks won't make a difference.
If they could have made us pay for them they already would have. I'm sure as hell not volunteering and I don't see any drivers who race on the tracks and have made millions volunteering either. As it is, the France's are spending millions of back pocket money at Daytona for the "world center of racing"? instead of taking care of the drivers safety. They have their priorities. Drivers are to give 100%...just don't hit nothin.
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