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May be taking a trip to Charleston SC sometime in March with my sister ... :D
Charleston, SC is awesome. I have a friend who lived on the beach there for several years. I visited him down there shortly after Hurricane Hugo hit. He lives several miles inland now.
Henry Hill: [narrating] For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster. To me that was better than being president of the United States. To be a gangster was to own the world.
My bachelorette party is tonight. Can't wait to have fun with the gals.
Man, this would be a great day to get a new tattoo. Too bad I am beyond broke and all the tattoo shops are probably closed for the holiday.
Been having a great 4th of July and now it is off to watch the fireworks.
100+ degrees in the forecast, and I'm heading the a dirt track. Yup, I'm nuts, but I love this ****.
Looking forward to cooler weather ... probably be waiting until December!
^ Love the coast ... have a wonderful time!

Slept alot today ... so tired but a good tired! Work is kicking my rear and I love it! :p
Why did I pick a time when I'm trying to save money to start browsing NASCAR diecasts on ebay?
Related to yesterdays post, I just won my first eBay auction, I got a 1:24 Kasey Kahne first win diecast raced version. I've wanted one for years but only saw it in a NASCAR store that used to be in the mall for like $80. Paid 37.72 with shipping included in that.
Dammit! Got a really bad brain freeze from my Slurpee, and while I was cringing in pain, I managed to stub my toe..really badly. Waahhhhhh!
Fighting my urge to have an Andy like rant about my job. Just have to think 2 months then I'm done there.
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