Post-Qualifying Adjustments Allowed On Impound Weekends



Thought this was interesting as it details what adjustments will be allowed after qualifying on weekends when the cars are impounded. (Larry Mc)

You can obviously readjust the tape on the front end. Most teams will completely tape up the front ends for aero advantage in qualifying and then you open them up the minimum amount to race so air can flow to the radiator and oil cooler. NASCAR will also let teams add a minimum of four or five gallons of fuel to compensate for what they burned off in qualifying.
As far as chassis adjustments, you can adjust air pressure in your tires, and you can adjust your shocks. You can't change the shocks, but they have adjusters on them that you can change. You can adjust wedge up to two rounds which will either tighten or loosen up the car, and you can adjust the panhard bar only on the right side. The wedge and panhard bar changes are allowed during pit stops through adjusters under the rear window, and teams will be able to make these changes before the race.

These adjustments are enough to make it beneficial for Matt Kenseth to run the Busch race on Saturday (5:30 p.m. ET on FX). He will be able to give his Nextel Cup crew chief Robbie Reiser good feedback, such as, "Look, I know you weren't thinking about putting any wedge in the car, but my car was loose at the end of that race. Put in two rounds of wedge for me."
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