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Just for kicks went slumming on some other"forums". Read about 100 threads here and there, 5 or 6 were actually racing related, but I now fear for my sanity. :(

Headed for the couch now......
This place is good therapy, most of the time. If you need to I'd bet Paul would let you lay on his couch and talk soothingly to you, then maybe ever let you have some of his meds, if you really needed them............... Hehehe :hyper: :screama: :headshake ......or not.
You know what, that place is getting less and less tolerable. I hardly bother with it these days.

Thanks, Paul!!! :lovewow:
Seems to be alot of new posters showing up! Wonder if anyone is still over on the "other" forum? I think I saw a post from Beedie here! Was I just seeing things?:hyper:
Oh, I'm sure beedie's still over at the padded cell that is the TR forum!
He was here, I don't know if he is still around or not.
Originally posted by paul
No problem, but remember you folks can post wherever you want.

True Paul

I can also pound my fingers with a hammer, poke myself in the eye with a hot poker, lie down on bed of flaming coals, jam bamboo splinter under my fingernails, or leap head first from a tall building. But I don't find this least not on a regular basis:D
Thanks TRL, the prognosis is good.

Speaking of "all of you here" didja notice the active user record was broken again yesterday? :)
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