Profit before People.

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Here is what is happening in my neck of the woods.

The ironic thing is that the people didn't want to make waves 15 years ago when it became apparent that this was the result of a long plan. It started with a secret contract signed by at least 5 companies and the Provincial Government that allowed the trees to be harvested for a new mill in Quebec.

Back in the early 1900's mills in Iroquois Falls, Smooth Rock Falls and Kapuskasing were granted rights to damn rivers to create electrical power for their paper mills. Now the mills are closing and yet the government let them keep the right to the power dams which they have since sold.

Kapuskasing will be the last mill and that is because it is to far away to do Quebec any good.

Green Peace has become a world power that answers to no government.
Sorry to read about that Pete............

So many tree huggers.......... so few trees.
Sorry to read about that Pete............

So many tree huggers.......... so few trees.

The one time I agree with them is when they changed the law and allowed harvesters to cut trees close to the water.
Back in my youth we were not allowed to go within a 100 feet of water. Today I see them take down trees less than 20 feet.:dual9mm:
I'm a canuck too, (New Brunswick) and in my neck of the woods, fracking and protesting about it is big. In fact the local govt wanted fracking and they got booted out because of it. I want there to be a wilderness for my daughters to love and grow with...we may have to suffer a little in the short term, but long term goals are worth it.

When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money-Cree proverb
Were I live, north of Cochrane, Ontario, they are cutting trees so fast we will be a wasteland soon and they are not replanting.
This will allow the water tables to rise. I have seen some of your province the same on my way to Tracadie
Odd to see this discussion ... some time back I installed the servers at the Tembec mills in most of those towns.

Many of the Tembec mills are closed, Kap and Cochrane still going.
I did the majority of the electrical when we built the plant in Cochrane back in 74-75.
I quit after the rough in and they brought in a couple of guys from Quebec to finish the job.
Went across town and did most of the new hospital. Jumped from there to Abitibi in Smooth Rock Falls
and transferred to Iroquois Falls. SRF was eventually bought by Tembec and then they closed it.

Tembec was financed by the Quebec government so they could shut everything down and ship the wood to Quebec.
That's my theory anyway and it is all coming true.
It was beautiful country. Wound up doing a lot of pharmacy work up in Amos and La Sarre too. Always wanted to get back for the lumberjack festival, but never could manage to plan it. I tell people about the 5' high parking meters in Val D'or but nobody believes me.
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