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So, I've just decided on my project car... and decided to come here to 1) keep a record of my project and 2) to share and get feedback of the things I'm looking at doing... hopefully BEFORE I blow myself up... LOL.

So here is my project:


1986 Pontiac Fiero GT (Automatic Transmission)


LS-1 or LS-2 Vette Engine (with Computer)
Offenhauser Offset 110 blower
Chain engine to frame

Suspension Upgrades:

Ladder Bars


175 / 50R15 front
235 / 75R15 rear (slicks)


Striaght pipe, no collector, off the sides


2 Speed powerglide tranny

Weight Reduction:

RR Dash
R Passenger Seat
R Carpenting
RR Dash Instruments
(only speedo, tacho, engine temp, oil temp, oil pressure gauges)

5 Point Harnes Seat

Racing Brakes (front and rear, calipers and rotors)

Total Price for Modifcations = $11,160

Tell me what ya think... it will be my first build.... the car I picked up off of craigslist for about 600.00 ... and it runs good... (had a clog in the cooling system which I fixed.. and it runs like a champ atm all stock.
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