Prototype testing suspended at Daytona

Westbrook flipped when his Coyote Daytona Prototype suffered what was reported to be a blown right-rear tyre as he approached Turn 1. The car somersaulted at least once before landing on its wheels.

The Chevrolet factory driver was treated at the circuit medical centre before being released.

Barbosa also reported becoming airborne when he sustained a puncture in the Action Express car near the end of the test.

The DPs were running the same Hoosier-made Continental tyre on which they have raced at the Daytona 24 Hours for the past two years, but the test was being run to evaluate changes designed to increase the performance of the cars for 2014.

The upgraded cars have significantly more downforce in their new configuration thanks to a new-spec rear-wing and ground-effect tunnels, as well as an increase in engine power.

Sounds like they better get their **** together in a hurry.
hmm. More downforce and more horsepower....and now they are blowing out right rears. sounds like something that happened to NASCAR/Goodyear one year, at an equally famous venue.
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