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Sep 16, 2009
Simple enough, just answer the previous question and then ask your own. I'll start.....

When you think about your teenage years, what's the first memory that pops into your head?
This game could be fun. I like the premise.

Vintage cartoons such as The Transformers, Thundercats, The Flintstones, Popeyes, Saint Seiya and so much more.

What is the one thing in your possesion you have that you can do without and the one thing that you do need, but dont have at the moment?
One thing I can do without is my cell phone. One thing I need but don't have (yet) is a riding lawn mower. Just moved into a house with a big ass yard in December.

What is your dream car?
A 1970 Olds 442 Convertible with a 455

What is the most surprising thing you ever learned about one of your parents?
My dad was a wrestler in the late forties and made a little money but it was mostly just for fun.

Who is the most famous person you know?
Do local race car drivers count? They're famous around here anyway LOL

What is your dream car?

What is your favorite outdoor sport to actively participate in?
Florida Keys, one of my favorite places

If you could have any pet what would it be.
Tyrannosaurus Rex

What is your favorite seafood

what is your favorite way to eat eggs
scrambled with a side of bacon

do your lips move when you read to yourself
no not usually

is your refrigerator running?

whats your favorite battle of the American Revolution
Her name was Sandy. :D

A vacation spot you haven't been to but absolutely "Have" to go to.
Boston would have to be a very cool vacation, just to see all of the historical sites from our countries origins. I hate lots of people and a lot of traffic, but it would be worth it to me to go where our founding fathers made their plans and mistakes and through it all hammered out the daunting task of creating a totally new nation based on freedom.

If you could have dinner tonight with anybody from history, who would it be?
1950 ivory colored Ford flathead 8 three speed with overdrive.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Margaritaville. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Perdido Key Florida.

The nonpolitical and non forum person you would most like to punch in the snoot.
I'll defer that question to someone else, my list is too big.
Marilyn Monroe

Do Birds Pee
Yes, they installed one on the ship in 1989. It was terrible.

Do you cut your own grass
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