RACE thread --- Duels from Daytona

How long until they have tarps that roll out from the wall?
My daughters used to race BMX and those tracks had tarps. Some tracks were just short of a 1/4 mile and they had no where near the money of NASCAR. I have wondered the same thing and it seems like it would be cheaper than the truck driers.
Is it really necessary to write Cup Series across the wind shield of every car?
Put gasoline sprayers on the Toyota Trucks and run them around the track and pit lane -- then throw the match.

I don't know if it would dry the track, but I'd like to see that.
Here we go , green flag for Duel#1,
Ricky’s going to have to get that off that’s a big piece of paper up there.
Young lady caught watching this race
Hamlin says the little hairs on his neck rise up and lets him know there is a crash coming. I wonder what happens to him when they shuffle him back to the rear.
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