Ramo Stott - 1972 Dega _ for JB99



Don't know how many of ya'll know much of Ramo. JB99 mentioned him the other day and thought this little tidbit might be of interest.

Ramo Stott - Stott was another of the sports great independents who ran whenever money would allow him to make an occasional Winston Cup start. Though he made only 35 career starts, Ramo came very close to winning one of the biggest races of the 1972 season. In fact that year's August race at Talladega might go down in history as "Independent's Day." Goodyear had developed a new tire for the notoriously fast track, but there were only enough to go around for the top running teams. The independents and smaller teams were going to have to make do with the older design tire, in what was thought to be yet another case of the rich getting richer (including Richard), and the poor getting the shaft (including poor Ramo). Well as it turned out Goodyear's engineers had made one of their rare blunders. The new tires just weren't going to last under the brutal speed and heat of the race. By the time everyone figured that out, they tried to scrounge up some of the older tires, but the grinning independents said they would just as soon hang onto to what they had, thank you. Thus the name drivers were forced to drive slowly and conservatively while drivers like Ramo Stott and James Hylton got a chance to strut their stuff. Those two drivers emerged as the class of the field, and had a battle of their own for the win, with the nearest challenger a mere five laps behind them. Stott drove his heart out, but in the end Hylton held on for the win by just over a car length. Among the other lesser known drivers enjoying career days that afternoon were Alabama's own Red Farmer, Buddy Arrington, and Ben Arnold, all of whom came away with top ten finishes.
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